Too Hot To Handle is the outrageous international dating show on Netflix.

Ten good-looking, sex-loving singles from all over the world are put into a villa to have what they think will be an amazing holiday.

But there’s a catch – they’re not allowed any sexual contact  or there will be consequences as they go under the watchful eye of virtual assistant Lana.

Find out everything you need to know about the show.

What happens in Too Hot To Handle?

When 10 attractive singles rock up in a stunning villa complex, they think they’re in for the most fun time of their lives.

There’s a $100,000 prize fund up for grabs – but that fund will drop every time there is any sexual activity or kissing.

It’s a real test for these young men and women as they discover if they are able to form meaningful relationships rather than indulge in the flings they are used to.

Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast


Cam from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Cam is 24 years old and from Newport in South Wales. A model and personal trainer, he struggles to settle down when it comes to women.


Carly from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Self-confessed man-eater Carly is a 24-year-old model from Toronto. The former competitive dancer is a fun-loving party girl who has no interest in finding her perfect partner.


Chase from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Professional American football player Chase, from Arizona, says he’s got a sex drive of 100 out of 10. How will he cope when he finds out that the girls are out of bounds?


Emily from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Londoner Emily is a 27-year-old multilingual model who doesn’t mind breaking a few hearts to get her own satisfaction. She’s the life and soul of the party – but can she party away from the boys?


Kayla from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Model and bartender Kayla, from Florida, claims she’s never been rejected and loves eyeing up the talent at the beach. The 26-year-old had a strict upbringing before unleashing her wild child – will she be able to keep within the rules again?


Larissa from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Larissa, 28, is an Auckland-based lawyer who enjoys all the attention she gets. She loves men to be obsessed with her but she isn’t a one-man kind of girl.


Marvin from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Marvin has it all – he’s a model and influencer with a masters in finance, and he’s also played basketball at the highest level in France. The 26-year-old Parisian certainly has no concerns when it comes to picking up women.


Melinda from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

This 28-year-old model from New York is one of 16 siblings but she still manages to get plenty of attention. As she goes into the retreat, she’s a predator on the hunt.


Nathan from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Nathan’s a Brit but he moved to Texas for work – as a Magic Mike-style stripper. He’s had his heart broken in the past and now jumps from girl to girl.


Peter from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Personal trainer Peter, from New York, is a TikTok influencer when he’s not pumping iron. The 21-year-old gets up to 200 DMs a day from his admirers, so he’s not short of attention.


Christina in Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Christina is a commercial pilot who isn't afraid to get what she wants. Originally from South Africa and now based in Italy, she can speak English, Afrikaans and Italian - and is also a beauty pageant winner.


Robert from Too Hot To Handle Netflix

Salesman Robert is a former competitive swmmer and 'dirty dance champion'. He's spent years travelling the world and is a gentleman through and through - but that doesn't mean he's afraid to break the rules.

Where is Too Hot To Handle filmed?

Season one took place in Punta Mita, Mexico – but filming for season two took place in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

The latest villa is located on Providenciales island at the top of the Turtle Tail peninsula, and counts Rihanna and P Diddy among its previous guests.

It has five bedrooms, a movie theatre, a tennis court and in-house chef.

Take a look around the villa with Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn:

How to watch Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle season 2 launches on Netflix on June 23, with the final episodes landing on June 30.

Too Hot To Handle season 1 is streaming now.

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