Cam, Emily and Larissa from Too Hot To Handle reveal Secrets from the Set: ‘We put on so much weight!’

The Too Hot To Handle trio spoke exclusively to about what it was like filming the series – and what’s been happening since.

By Becky Gamester-Newton Published: 5 July 2021 - 5.10pm

If you’ve watched all of Too Hot To Handle season 2, you’ll know that Cam and Emily get a fair amount of airtime.

In a exclusive, we were lucky enough to catch up with them and Kiwi bombshell Larissa to ask them the questions everyone is dying to ask.

Find out what they had to say by watching the video above or reading the interview below.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Too Hot To Handle season 2. Do not read on (or watch the video above) unless you’ve watched the entire series!

I’ve got scars!


The trio all agreed that the location – in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean – was stunning.

“It was unreal,” gushed Welshman Cam. “The weather, the location, the villa – literally beautiful. The only downside was mosquitos. So many mosquitos out there, honestly.”

Emily chips in: “The scars I’ve got from those bloody mosquitos! They absolutely loved me.”

Larissa says the beautiful surroundings helped to keep everyone calm.

“It was also like a nice juxtaposition of the drama going on all the time, just to be able to look out and see the sea, the ocean. It was so calming. I feel like we needed a location like that to keep us calm to bring us back down to Earth. It was terrific.”

Why they put on weight


Emily adds that the group’s personal chef was incredible… but it wasn’t good news for their diets.

“Our chef was amazing! Oh my God. We all put on so much weight,” the London model laughs.

Larissa agrees: “When I’m [watching] my first episode through to the last one, I’ll be another human. But it was so worth it. No regrets.”

Cam reckons the physical changes to his body were pretty obvious.

“I legit came in with abs, left with like a dad bod!” he jokes.

Are Cam and Emily still together?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips, but the pair in question were less than forthcoming.

Cam smirks: “We can’t say. You’re going to have to wait and see.”

Emily adds: “Whatever happens afterwards, we’re still friends.”


We also asked Larissa on whether she regretted leaving the villa before the end of the show, following the collapse of her budding romance with Nathan.

“I think it was my time to leave,” she reflects. “I left on a positive note, feeling happy with everyone. I had actually grown a lot and learnt a lot about myself. It was just my time and I’m really happy that I left when I did.”

Though she admits she had some slight regrets to begin with.

“As soon as I left, I did miss everyone straight away. But in terms of my own progress and my own journey, it was definitely the right time for me.”

Was Marvin a worthy winner?


Parisian hunk Marvin was the solo winner of the show, after Lana announced earlier on in the series that all the prize money would go to one person.

All three agreed that he deserved the victory.

“I think he did [deserve it],” says Cam. “He went through a long journey as well. He had a lot of ups and downs. It was a very similar journey to my journey. I see a lot of similarities so I understand the journey he went through. I think he was the deserved winner.”


However they wouldn’t been drawn on whether Marvin and New Yorker Melinda have remained a couple.

“In the villa they had a lot of ups and downs,” muses Emily. “Whether they’re still a couple, I’m not actually sure. They went through a lot in the villa, so who knows.

“The distance thing might be quite difficult,” she adds.

Larissa says the spark between them is genuine: “They definitely had a connection. They may not have had a long-term one, but I’m sure you will have seen from watching it there was something there between them.”

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