Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car – New spinoff series turns motor dreams into reality

The Discovery Channel series is back with a turbocharged twist. Watch the Discovery Channel box set with NOW TV.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 10 March 2020 - 3.34pm
Discovery Mike Brewer and Marc Priestley present Wheeler Dealers
Discovery's Wheeler Dealers Dream Car box set - Streaming on NOW TV

Petrolheads are in for a treat in 2020 when Wheeler Dealers returns with a brand new spinoff series that is turning motoring dreams into a reality.

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car will be hosted by car trader and motoring aficionado Mike Brewer and F1 mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley and the Discovery series will bring some heartwarming real life stories into the Wheeler Dealers garage.

What is Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Wheeler Dealers Dream Car on Discovery

Mike is taking on his toughest challenge yet, as he turns his attention to people who lack the know-how or resources to get their dream motor.

With the help of former McLaren Racing mechanic Elvis, the Wheeler Dealers team will be tackling re-sprays and full vehicle transformations.

Each episode sees Mike and Elvis meet a new client and find inventive ways to add value to their existing vehicle, before flipping it for a profit and reinvesting the proceeds in a series of trade-ups that result in a dream car.

From auction houses and salvage yards, to the mechanical workshop, Mike and Elvis will be lifting the lid on the secrets of trading up, sharing their expertise on how to add value, read markets and make deals to score the ultimate motor.

From a Livestock farmer who dreams of owning an iconic DeLorean, to a special needs teacher whose ambition is to own a Volkswagen Golf GTI, Mike and Elvis will need to pull out all the stops to make these dream cars a reality.

What cars are being traded up in the new series?

Cars being worked on and purchased in the new episodes include:

• 2001 MINI COOPER (£1,000) – LAND ROVER SERIES 2A (£6,000)
• 2006 FORD FIESTA (£600) – VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI (£8,000)
• 2014 NISSAN NAVARA (£8,500) – TVR CERBERA V8 (£23,000)
• FORD ST170 (£1,000) – FORD ESCORT MK2 (£8,000)
• 1993 MAZDA EUNOS (£750) – NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R (£13,000)
• NISSAN DUKE (£10,000) – PORSCHE CAYENNE (£25,000)

Wheeler Dealers Dream Car on Discovery - Mike Brewer Discovery

What is Wheeler Dealers?

Wheeler Dealers has been on TV since 2003, salvaging, rebuilding and repairing old vehicles – bringing together worlds of car trading and car building.

It’s been hosted for 15 series by Mike Brewer, an automative valuation expert, and he’s been joined by expert mechanics Edd China and more recently Ant Anstead.

Finding, fixing and flipping some of the world’s most iconic and best loved used cars has made the Discovery Channel series a popular and addictive hit for car lovers and casual motor fans.

Speaking to BT TV in 2018 about the show’s enduring appeal, Brewer said: "We've never heading off in cars around the world trying to kill each other. We’re just two guys who are very passionate about what we do and we’ve always stayed true to the ethos of the show – to educated and inform.

"We also put the show in the hands of the viewer. We want people to think, 'I can do this, I could do that’. In America, people have come up to me even after only a couple of episodes to say, 'you have inspired me to take on this project'. If we can achieve that, that’s a fantastic enduring legacy, encouraging people to take on things they love."

Watch the Wheeler Dealers Dream Car Box Set on Discovery Channel with NOW TV.

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