All the Bright Places: Heart-wrenching romance comes to Netflix

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith play school friends helping each other come to terms with troubled pasts in the film adaptation of Jennifer Niven's bestseller.

By Katie Archer Published: 25 February 2020 - 4.25pm
Netflix Elle Fanning and Justice Smith in All the Bright Places

February is the month of romance, but if you’re lacking in the dates department, Netflix has you covered with a heart-wrenching new film.

All the Bright Places might not have been with us in time for Valentine’s Day, but you won’t have long to wait to sob your heart out to the adaptation of the romantic novel.

Here’s all you need to know about who it stars, when it's on and what happens in it.

When is All the Bright Places on TV?

You can see the film when it begins streaming on Netflix from Friday, February 28.

Who stars in All the Bright Places?

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith Netflix

Leading the cast is Elle Fanning as Violet Markey. She’s best known for her roles in Maleficent, Super 8, and Mary Shelley.

Elle will star opposite Justice Smith as Theodore Finch, who has also appeared in The Get Down.

Other cast members include Luke Wilson, Alexandra Shipp, Virginia Gardner, and Keegan-Michael Key.

What happens in All the Bright Places?

The film is adapted from Jennifer Niven’s internationally bestselling novel of the same name from 2015, so fans of the romance genre might already be familiar with the story.

Violet and Theodore change each other’s lives forever when they meet – they are both struggling with the physical and emotional scars of their pasts, but find that there is meaning in even the smallest moments for them when they are together.

Elle Fanning Netflix

At the same school but in very different circles, they bond over their mental health struggles and past traumas, taking on a joint project that sees them explore the sights of their home in Indiana.

But even the support of each other might not be enough to carry them through their problems, as they begin to realise.

The drama takes a refreshing look at the effects of mental illness on relationships, and the impact that young love can have on people’s lives.

All the Bright Places will stream on Netflix from Friday, February 28.