Knives Out 3: Will Daniel Craig return as Benoit Blanc? When will it be released on Netflix? All you need to know

Knives Out was a box office hit and Glass Onion has followed suit, becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched films - so can fans expect another Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery?

By Sophia Moir Published: 9 January 2023 - 6.23pm
Netflix Glass Onion Daniel Craig

Glass Onion has been a triumph for Netflix, holding a 93% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, and landing in the streamer’s top 10 most-watched films of all time.

So it’s no wonder that talk has immediately moved onto another potential movie sequel in the Knives Out franchise - Knives Out 3, in fact.

The question on everyone's lips is, can fans expect another Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery from Knives Out creator Rian Johnson?

And will Daniel Craig return as Southern detective Benoit Blanc, who is hired to investigate a new case full of larger-than-life characters?

Here’s all we know about Knives Out 3 so far, including the rumoured release date, plot, cast and more.

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Will there be a Knives Out 3?

Yes! In March 2021, Deadline revealed that Netflix snapped up the rights to two Knives Out sequels - that's Knives Out 2 & 3 - for a staggering $469 million (£387 million). 

Netflix outbid Amazon and Apple to get its hands on the rights to Benoit Blanc's mysteries, in one of the biggest streamer movie deals in history.

This followed the Christmas 2019 release of Knives Out, which made $312 million at the box office on a $40 million budget.

The first sequel in the multi-million dollar deal - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - was released on Netflix in December 2022. 

Within 10 days of release, the film skyrocketed to become Netflix’s third most-watched film ever, just behind Red Notice and Don’t Look Up.


What is the Knives Out 3 release date?

The Knives Out 3 release date has not been confirmed, but we do know from the film’s IMDB page that it will land on Netflix in 2024.

Who’s in the Knives Out 3 cast?

As it stands, Daniel Craig is the only confirmed cast member for Knives Out 3. He will return to play the character of Southern detective Benoit Blanc.

The impressive A-list cast members in Knives Out and Glass Onion have been a huge draw for viewers. 

Cast members of the first two films include Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Ana de Armas, Christopher Plummer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe and Dave Bautista. In addition, Hugh Grant and Ethan Hawke made cameo appearances in Glass Onion. 

According to Reddit - via Collider - the 10 most in-demand actors that fans want to see in Knives Out 3 are Nicolas Cage, Michelle Yeoh, Helena Bonham Carter, Willem Dafoe, Pete Davidson, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam Driver, Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth and Daniel Kaluuya.

What is the Knives Out 3 plot?

We don’t know the Knives Out 3 plot as Rian Johnson hasn’t written the script yet. We’ll keep you posted if there are any updates.

Speaking to Deadline in November 2022, Johnson said that he will start to write the third movie in early 2023.

He revealed: "I've got a Moleskine notebook that I carry everywhere and I'm constantly jotting stuff down in it. The first 80% of the process, for me, is scribbling in notebooks and structuring it all out. I'm trying to get ahead.

"Even when I'm doing all the publicity for this film [Glass Onion], I'm trying to start building up a structure [for Knives Out 3], an idea, so that after New Year, when it's time to actually get to work, I'm hopefully not just staring at that horrible blank page."

In an interview with the LA Times, Daniel Craig confessed: “Nothing’s as creatively exciting to me right now as figuring out what the third one could be that’s completely different from both Glass Onion and Knives Out.”

In September 2019, Johnson spoke about the Knives Out sequels, and revealed that each film would be completely different to the one before. 

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, Johnson said in an interview with UPROXX: "I’ll tell you, the truth is I had such a great time working with Daniel Craig and I had so much fun doing this on every level, from writing it to making it. 

"I’ve never really been interested in doing sequels, but this, the idea of doing more of these with Daniel as his character, is not sequels. It’s just what Agatha Christie did. 

“It’s just coming up with a whole new mystery, a whole new location, all new cast, whole new mechanics of the appeal of a mystery and everything. It’d be a blast."

Who created Knives Out and Glass Onion?

The Knives Out film franchise was created by Rian Johnson, above.

Rian Johnson is an American filmmaker, who wrote the 2012 sci-fi thriller Looper, followed by Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), which he also directed.

His screenplay for Knives Out (2019) earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Is there a Knives Out 3 trailer?

No, but we will update this article when there is!

In the meantime, you can watch our exclusive interview with Kate Hudson about the making of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, below...

Knives Out and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery are streaming on Netflix.

A release date for Knives Out 3 has not been announced.