Zero Chill is a new teen drama series on Netflix set in the world of ice skating and ice hockey.

Dakota Benjamin Taylor and Grace Beedie play siblings Mac and Kayla, who move from Canada to the UK with their parents to pursue their dreams of glory on the ice.

They’re joined in the series by Jade Ma, who plays Sky Tyler, a welcoming friend for the MacBentley siblings who also has a passion and special talent on the ice.

Secrets from the Set - Exclusive interview with Zero Chill stars

To celebrate the release of the series, BT TV caught up with the show’s cast to find out their top 5 tips for anyone inspired to strap on their skates after watching the series...

1. Don’t forget to take your guards off

Dakota Taylor as Mac and The Hammers in Zero Chill Netflix

“For starters, even us veterans do it - take your skate guards off your blades,” says Dakota Taylor.

“Double check, triple check, because if you don’t, you are going down and you are going down hard! I know I’ve done it. I’ve done it far too many times.”

Jade Ma added: “If you don’t do that you will fall on your face and it’s not fun.”

2. Don’t expect perfection

Jade Ma as Sky in Zero Chill Netflix

Grace Beedie, who plays ice dancer Kayla in the Netflix series, advised not to expect too much from your first outing on the ice.

“If it’s your very first time, my advice would be that you don’t have to be perfect," she says.

"There is a rewiring in skaters' minds that allows them to do the things you see them doing – don’t judge yourself against that the first time you’re on the ice.

“Let yourself make a fool of yourself a little bit. Go in with an open mind.”

3. It takes a long time to learn

“Olympic figure skaters and the professionals didn’t learn overnight,” says Jade Ma.

“You eventually learn not to get dizzy when you’re spinning and things like that, but it’s a long, long process. Don’t expect to do it all on the first attempt.”

4. Don’t bother dressing to impress

“Wear something comfortable,” Beedie advises.

“Don’t wear a skirt. Wear leggings or sweat pants: both great outfits.”

The added bonus of baggy clothing? “You can cover bruise with clothing and then people can’t tell you’re a bruised apple.”

5. Always wear a helmet

Dakota Taylor as Mac in Zero Chill Netflix

“It doesn’t matter if your head looks a little bigger, take it from someone who knows and who looks like a little mushroom head,” jokes Taylor, though he has a serious message.

“Everyone should wear one. If you take a spill and fall on the ice, that thing is your last line of protection.

“Wear a helmet, wear a helmet, definitely.”

Watch Zero Chill on Netflix now.

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